farm auction for keith and pat sparling

Sierens Auction Service

13 April, 2019 10:00 am

Located from Treherne Hydro Station--go 5 miles north; or from Jct #1 Hwy & PR 242 at Bagot--go 19.5 miles south on PR 242, and 2 miles west. Land location is SW 6-9-9. Signs will be up on auction day.

Farm Tractors  

Sells at 1:00

1984 John Deere 8450 Diesel 4WD Tractor, Cab w/AC, 18.4 X 38 Radial Duals, Quad Range Trans, Outback GPS w/auto steer, 3 Spool Pioneer Hydraulics, Low Pressure Hydraulic return, 50 hours on Rebuilt Engine, 10424 hours, Serial # RW3450H004335.

1982 John Deere 4640 Diesel 2WD Row Crop Tractor, Factory 3 Point Hitch Cat 2 w/Quicktach, Cab w/AC, Quad Range Trans, Outback GPS w/Auto Steer, 1000 PTO, Rear 18.4 X 42 Radial Duals on Steel Rims, Front 14L X 16, Front Weights, 3 Spool Pioneer Hydraulics, 1600 hrs on Completely Rebuilt Engine, 11697 hrs, Serial #021336RW

1979 John Deere 4640 Diesel 2WD Row Crop Tractor, Factory 3 Point Hitch Cat 2 w/Quicktach, Cab w/AC & Rear Wiper, Extra Lights, Quad Range Trans, Outback GPS w/Auto Steer, 1000 PTO, Rear 18.4 X 42 Radial Duals on Cast Rims, Front 14L X 16, 3 Spool Pioneer Hydraulics, 11251 hrs, Serial #010020R

1966 John Deere 4020 Diesel 2WD Tractor, Factory 3 Point Hitch, ROPS, Syncro Range Trans, 540-1000 PTO, Rear 18.4 X 34 Radial Tires, Front 10.00 X 16, 2 Spool Pioneer Hydraulics, 12 Volt System, Selling with John Deere #48 FE Loader w/60 inch Manure Bucket & Joystick, Serial #SNT213R110855R    Freshly Painted

Miscellaneous Single Rib Row Crop Tires

Set of Dual Tractor Tires 18.4 X 34 on Grey Rims  (no Spacer Hubs or Hardware)

Set of Dual Tractor Tires 18.4 X 34 on Yellow Rims (missing some Hardware)


Harvesting, Haying, & Grain Handling Equipment

Sells at 12:30

1989 John Deere 9500 Combine, 466 Diesel, Cab w/AC & Heat, Sells with John Deere #912 Pickup, 24.5 X 32 Tires with only 1000 acres of use, Grain Loss Monitor, Straw Chopper, Chaff Spreader, 3000 acres on Rebuilt Concave and Chrome Rub Bars, 1000 acres on Straw-walker Blocks, Machine hours-3304, Engine hours-4652, Serial #HO9500X631435

John Deere Tool to unplug 9000 Series Combine Cylinders

1977 International 4000–19 ft SP Swather, 6 cyl gas, Hydrostatic Drive, Feeder Assist, U2 Pickup Reel, Serial #1310000C0001982

Case IH #8220 PT Swather, 25 feet

John Deere #924 Straight Cut Header, U2 Pickup Reel & Lifter, Selling with Transport

John Deere #444 Corn Header, 4 Row X 36 inch

Leeway Sunflower Header mounted on John Deere #224 Header, 8 Row X 36 inch, Self-contained Hydraulics

2014 John Deere #569 Round Baler, Mega-wide Plus, Mesh Wrap, Kicker, Has made 5256 Bales, Serial #401540

2015 John Deere #946 Disk Mower Conditioner, 13 Feet, Steel Rollers, Drawbar Hitch, Has done under 1000 acres. 

John Deere #535 Baler Monitor 

Gandy Hay Preservative Applicator for Bales                    

Massey Ferguson #9 Small Square Baler

2 Bale Forks; 3 Pt Hitch

1 Bale Spear; 3 Pt Hitch

1 FE Loader Bale Spear

Bale Wagon w/Tandem Axle, 12ft X 37ft, Made for Large Square or Round Bales, Built in La Riviere, MB

New Holland #166 Hay Inverter

Hay Saver Full Trailing 8 Wheel Rake

Hay Saver 3 Point Hitch 3 Wheel Rake

Lely Disk Mower, 3 PTH, 7.5 feet, Cuts Verticle & Horizontal

Brandt PTO Grain Auger, 60 feet X 10 inch, Gear Drive, Swing Away Unload,

Westward PTO Grain Auger, 41 feet X 8 inch

2 Transfer Augers for Hopper Bottom Bins

Smith-Roles 8 foot Swath Roller

Grain Probe

Grain Moisture Testing Equipment




Trucks & Trailer

Sells at 12:30

1975 Chev C65 Grain Truck, 366 V8, 5 X 2 Transmission, Tag Axle, 18 foot Midland Box w/roll tarp and Hoist, 10.00 X 22.5 Front Tires, 10.00 X 20 Rear Duals, 37449 Miles, Safetied

1980 Ford 600 Grain Truck, 370 V8, 5 X 2 Transmission, Single Axle, 16 foot Metals Industries Box w/roll Tarp and Hoist, 10.00 X 20 Tires, 94180  kms.  Safetied

1979 International Grain Truck, 345 V8, 5 X 2 Transmission, Single Axle, 15 foot Reconditioned Metal Box w/roll Tarp and Hoist, 11.00 X 22.5 Tires, 105829 kms. Safetied

1980 GMC C70 Flat Deck Truck, 366 V8, Allison 4 Speed Auto Transmission, 2 Speed Axle, Stake Side Box and Hoist, 10.00 X 20 Tires, 17604 kms. Safetied

1991 Blue Hills 26 foot 5th Wheel Stock Trailer,

Converter Dolly w/8 Wheels, 10.00 X 20 Tires

Bumper Hitch was on 1983 Ford F-150



Seeding & Tillage Equipment

Sells at 1:30

Bourgault #8800 Cultivator, 30 foot, 8 inch Spacing, Knock-on Spoons, with Bourgault #2155 Seed Tank, Single Chute, NH3 Applicator, Alpine Fertilizer Applicator, Dry Chemical Applicator.

John Deere #7000 Planter, 8 Row X 36 inch, Dry Fertilizer Boxes; Insecticide Boxes; Alpine Liquid Starter Fertilizer Tank & Pump; Unit has been fully changed over to Precision Planting Parts.

IHC #55 Deep Tiller, 30 foot, 12 inch spacing, w/Flexicoil Mulchers

John Deere #230 Tandem Disk, 27 feet

Flexicoil #75 Packer Bar, 30 foot

Coil Packers, 30 foot, Size P20

Lilliston 8 Row X 36 inch Rolling Cultivator

John Deere 16 foot Deep Tiller

Top Air High Clearance Pull Type Field Sprayer, 90 Foot Boom, 1200 gallon Tank, Triple Body Nozzles

John Deere AC-CP2GS Centrifigal Pump

Massey Ferguson #880 Kickback Plow, 8 X 16

CCIL 18 foot Discer w/Seed & Fertilizer Boxes

Willrich 3 Pt Hitch 8 foot Cultivator

Breaking Plow


Cattle Related and Other Farm & Yard Equipment

Sells at 2:30

High Line #8000 Bale Shredder, Sells with New Knives

Farm King #720 Rotary Mower, 6 feet

3 Point Hitch Post Hole Auger

M & W Model P-2000 Dynamometer, 460 HP

2 Poly Fertilizer Tanks, 3000 US gals & 2000 US gals

2 Poly Water Tanks, 1350 gals each

2 Poly Tanks, 1200 gals each

990 Gallon Diesel Tank sells with 110 V Fuel Pump & Meter, 69 litres/min

Auxiliary Fuel Saddle Tank was on JD 4640, it measures 20.5 inches between sides

Cypress Industries Creep Feeder, 150 bushels

Calf Shelter

Truck Shell for 8 ft box

Corral Wind Panels

Itasca 12 ga Featherlite Pump Shotgun; SN 623746-4

Outdoor Coal/Wood Burning Stove

Castrating Tool

Stock Doctor Medicating Tool

John Deere Hay Moisture Tester

Electric Cattle Prod

Livetrack Tag Reader





Sells at 10:00 AM

MWP 2000 Dynomometer Max 460 HP 

Carolina Shop Press 55 Ton

Carolina Band Saw, Capacity is 13in W X 8.5 H, Blade is 1in X 9ft 7.5in

Drill Press, 16 speed

CXC Mod 7200 Battery Charger

2 – 20 ton Bottle Jacks; 1 Manual and 1 Air

1 – 8 ton Bottle Jack;   2 – 6 ton Bottle Jacks

Many John Deere Specialized Tool Boards for 1010-4020 Tractors

Assorted John Deere Tech Manuals on CD and Assorted John Deere Tech Manuals in Print are available for sale prior to the Auction. Please refer to details at the end of this listing. 

SNAP-ON Combination Puller Set

Universal Wel Sleeve Puller

Cylinder Taper Measuring Tool

Cylinder Ridge Cutter

Cylinder Bore Gauge

Transmission Support on Wheels complete with 2 Hyd Jacks; can also be used for removing Tractor Tires filled with fluid.

John Deere Hinge Area Tools

John Deere Cab Tipping Tool for 6000 Series Tractors

John Deere Rotary Engine Support Stand for 404 or 466 Engines

4WD Adapter for Splitting Stand

Rear Seal Installer for John Deere Engines

John Deere Wet Clutch Adjustment Tools

Cross Bar Pullers, Spline Alignment Shafts

Hydraulic Flow Meter

Inch Pound Torque Wrench

Valve Spring Compressor

Diesel Injector Tester

Diesel Compression Tester

Diesel Injector Wrenches

Hydraulic Testing Equipment in a Tower

Radiator Pressure Tester

2 Freon Leak Finder Kits……Kit #1 and Kit #2

R12 Electronic Leak Tester

Enspeco A/C Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Testing Tool

Laser RPM Gauge

PTO Adapters

Fire Extinguisher w/Pressurized Water

Miscellaneous Sound Equipment for Vehicles

John Deere Tractor Seat…Used

There will be a good selection of good hand tools such as Hammers, Pliers, Screwdrivers, Wrenches, etc, etc.

Other Articles Too Numerous to Mention





Call Keith at 204-723-2565 or 204-526-7363 to purchase before the Auction

All Manuals not sold prior, will be sold at the Auction



2 CD's of JD 4 WD Tractor ,for Models 8570; 8770; 8870; & 8970, Operation Tests & Repair

1 CD of John Deere Tractor Models 7200 and 7400, Operation, Tests, & Repair

1 CD of John Deere Combine Model 9500, Tests & Repair

Parts Catalogue for John Deere 4WD & Row Crop Tractors

1 CD of John Deere 5000 Series Tractor Repair

1 CD of John Deere Tractor Models 4650 & 4850, Repair

1 CD of John Deere 4WD Tractor Tech Manual

2 CD's John Deere Tractors Models 8560, 8760, & 8960, Operation & Tests, and John Deere Tractors 8560, 8760, & 8960, Repair

1 CD for John Deere 8000 Series Tractors, Operation, Tests, And Repair



John Deere 4WD Tractor Models 8450/8650; 8440/8640; 84308630; & 7520

John Deere Manheim Model Tractors 1640-2040, 2955/3155, 4020, 4520, 4440, 4050-4450, 4650-4850

John Deere 6000 Series Tractor Operation & Tests; JD 6000 Series Repair

John Deere Models 7600-7700-7800, Operation, Tests, & Repair

John Deere Engine Manuals for Models 3029/4029/4045/6059/6068

John Deere Engine Manual for Models 3179/4239/6359/4276/6414/6466; The Manual also contains Radial Piston Pumps, and 1100 Series MFWD Axles & Engine Accessories (eg Alternator & Starter)

Robert Bosch Fuel Injection Manual

Nippendenso Fuel Injection Manual

John Deere Combine Manual for Models 6600/7700

John Deere Combine Parts Manual for Model 7700

John Deere Tractor Parts Manual for Model 4640

John Deere Lawn Tractor Manual for Models 110/112

John Deere Lawn Tractor Manual for Models 318/332/420

IHC Tractor Manual for Model 1086

Chev & GMC Pickup Manuals for 1988 to 2000

Honda Accord Manuals for 1998 to 2002

Chrysler/Dodge Cars Manuals for 1993 to 1996 

Acura Car Manual for 1990 to 1995

Honda Civic Car Manual for 1984 to 1991









Photo Gallery


A complete line of Haying, Harvesting, and Tillage Equipment is available at this Auction.

There will also be tools and equipment from a very WELL STOCKED FARM SHOP. Keith rebuilt and repaired John Deere Tractors and Equipment for 40 years, and is offering his inventory of specialty tools as well as regular shop tools.

The farm machinery being offered for sale is a very well maintained line of equipment. Keith would be happy to share the history for each piece of equipment as requested.

A good lunch will be available on auction site. For inquiries please call Keith Sparling at home 204-723-2565 or cell 204-526-7363.

Terms are Cash or Good Cheque.


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. Sierens Auction Service, agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.