Real Estate Info

Why Real Estate Auctions?

  • the easiest and simplest way to sell for more than you are asking
  • puts the onus on the buyer to increase the price
  • creates urgency in the marketplace
  • creates traffic when the seller wants it
  • no stress for the seller…the Auctioneer negotiates the price
  • it’s the fairest way…all interested parties have an equal chance to buy
  • the seller controls all aspects of the sale.

Six easy steps to sell your property to the highest bidder:

  1. No obligation consultation
  2. Sign a Real Estate Auction Contract
  3. Auctioneer conducts an ad campaign
  4. Property inspections by prospective buyers
  5. Auction is held and property is sold
  6. Buyer signs offer to purchase and puts a deposit down

The Auction way is the proven way for the seller to achieve top market price for your home, cottage, acreage, commercial or farm property.